Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Goddess Pages are up to date

This is Amaterasu. She is about beauty and light. She looked into a mirror and saw her true beauty. The green on the bottom represents the rice paddies. Amaterasu had hidden in a cave but the rice paddies missed her light so the other Goddess's gathered around to get her to come back out.

This is Rhiannon. She represents manifesting your clear intentions into reality. She is in a forest and she sometimes rides a white horse or transforms into one.
Truth be told, I don't think I did that great a job with her, but I left her the way she is.

This is all 4 pages to date. I've just started on Jan. I promise myself that as long as I start the page in the month that it is for, I'm doing alright. Now that I have finished 4 of them, I feel like I've got this project under control. I am still debating whether I should finish the edges of the 3 pages I've just done. It really does seem to make a difference, doesn't it?
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Pictures For You

Here is a picture of my family ring that my husband and children presented to me at the Rain Forest Cafe when we were at Animal Kingdom. It is a beautiful channel set ring with two saphires, an emerald, a diamond and an aquamarine. I was very surprized!! It's so perfect for me!
Here is a picture of my December page for the Beaded Journal Project. It is the Goddess Sedna, and it is to represent the ocean. I did really well in my oceanography course and wanted to celebrate it. Sedna actually has whales and dolphins coming out of her fingers but I didn't have whale and dolphin beads. She also had seaweed hair in another depiction, so I decided to focus on that.Posted by Picasa

Inaugration Day

I just wanted to mark this day on my blog, because as I listened to President Obama give his inaugural speech, I was given a gift of hope, I was given a chance to embrace my global community and given a reminder to rise to the challenge of being the best person I could be.
I am in a position of flux because I have finished school and I am looking for my place in employment. His empowering speech was an opportunity to reflect on where I can take my education and what I can do to become the best person I can be.

Thank-you President Obama.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Pictures of our Holiday


Here are a few pictures of our holiday’s.  Haley, my middle daughter got a new camera for Christmas.  She was in picture mode – taking over 2000 pictures!  Needless to say, many of them are the same, similar or just plain weird.


Here we are, getting ready for out airboat ride.  We had a great time here, taking the boat out to a fresh water lake and river to see the alligators and the birds.  We also had a chance to see a cypress bayou with orchid buds growing in the trees.  The spanish moss is amazing!


The alligators were so calm in their natural environment.


We had a wonderful dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  The family surprized me with a wonderful gift to celebrate my completion of university!  They made me a card and Drew gave me a family ring.  It’s absolutely beautiful!  I’m a very fortunate woman! 

I’ll show you a picture of it when it gets back from the store – where it’s being sized right now. My family stones are emerald, two blue sapphires, a diamond and a blue topaz.  It makes for a very beautiful ring!

Cheers, Denise

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cyber Fyber

Susan Lenz has done an amazing job. She has created an exhibit that spans the globe! Many of us who participated in atc's, postcards or even bigger pieces are aware that the exhibit starts tomorrow.
I want to thank Susan for allowing me to participate and to invite people to go and visit the links above to see some of the wonderful art that is being displayed.
Cheers, Denise

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!
I'm back!!
I finished school!!! I am so happy to have finished after 8 years. My final term was amazing and I really enjoyed the classes I took. I am going to look for work now. Well, now that I am finished it's time!
I will go to convocation in June with my family and have a party I think, to thank everyone who was so supportive during the long process!
For now, as I look for work, and care for my family, I am going to get some beadwork completed and start a bead project that has been brewing. Stay in touch for that.
I was away for the holidays. We all went to Florida - to Disney and Universal Studios. We played hard and my middle daughter - Haley, took a ton of pictures. I'll post some in the next few days.
Cheers! Denise