Friday, September 18, 2009

Bead Journal Project!

Promoting the Bead Journal Project for Year 3

Last year we found that the best way to get the word out about the bjp was to mention it on your blog. Whether you're continuing or not, if you can let readers of your blog know that the project is continuing, it will be greatly appreciated.Important info:The Bead Journal Project starts in January, 2010.Registration starts October 15, 2009 at

No experience is necessary! The goal is to create one visual journal piece a month for a year that includes beads.Participants work can be seen at

Are you playing? I'm thinking seriously about it, not sure what I want to do though,
because I really liked working in a theme (I know, not done yet, but working on it!)

So, are you ready to bead? Are you?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey, Time for the blog!

Would you believe me if I told you that I have been beading, only I managed in my infinite rush to put my beading in the hands of those who needed, requested or were the receiver that I did not take any pictures? Curses!!!

I bead embroidered a dolphin for a friend who is being operated on for breast cancer. I wanted to provide her with a smile and I think I did that. It is a fully beaded teeny beanie baby that came out from McD's just recently and I started beading it in light blue, crystal white and clear beads before I became aware that light blue/turquoise was her favourite colour. Good luck? Serendipity? Knowledge tucked in the back of my brain? Who knows why it was this way, but then who knows why we work so mysteriously sometimes? She loves the dolphin and my prayers, happy thoughts and healing vibes all go with her next week.

Then I beaded two herringbone bracelets. They were for a bride and a groom. Both herringbone, but very different. As a matter of fact, if you weren't a beader, or you didn't recognize the versatility of herringbone, you wouldn't know they were from the same stitch. This, my daughter pointed out to the happy couple was a good metaphor for their lives together - how they could be so different, and yet the same. Cool eh? There is hope for pictures!

And then I beaded a pair of earrings for my sister - the mother of the bride. She loves that I can do this and loves going to the bead store to pick beads and then says things like - Can you do that?
The earrings were perfect for her dress and she looked wonderful!

I am inspired by two trees in the neighborhood that have started to turn colours and I am beading a bracelet in those fall colours. Pictures to come soon!!

Cheers, Denise