Sunday, May 27, 2007

Man!!! I should read my own blog!!!!!

Here I am fooling around on the computer and click on my own blog and read the current post and then the one before it where I mention the same things! I had completely forgotten that I had posted about the BJP or the secret project! Wow! I should really read what I have written and maybe, oh yes, just maybe keep a little better track of things here! Too funny!
Here is one more picture I wanted to add. Ottawa hosted a scrapbooking show yesterday and I had a chance to run in there. I was so very happy to get my hands on these dabbers - I could't previously get them here! Now the radiant rains I also picked up and found that my local store has just started to carry them. The stores here are a little slow to stock the new stuff. And with me being on the internet way too much, I hear about these neat product and want to try them out. So here I go!!!

A busy weekend

Hi all. I have an art room. I love it down there but I don't bead there. I have tried but I can bead for hours and then I've gotten myself away from the family too much. So here is the family room and my corner of the couch where I bead. I do a lot of work here and my family put up with it! Here is a good picture of Springer, who was so curious about what I was doing - but more because I was in the kitchen and he was hopeful!

In other news, I have cut the material for several of my Beaded Journal Project. I had tried a 4x4 variety, but that was really too small so I have upgraded to 6x6. These are some of the materials I want to work with, the first one being the lime green with the swirls. It's such a great spring colour!
The BJP is a new project started by Robin Atkins and I am so happy to be part of it! If you want to join, you need only visit Robin's blog, read the rules and sign up before the end of May.

These last two pictures are of a 4x4 page that I made for a monthly swap. I love doing mixed media and I rarely show what I have made on this blog - mostly because I just don't take pictures of it! So I thought I would, just to show you all a bit more of what I do.

One more thing. I am working a project that has been inspired by a topic over on Bead Art on Delphi Forums. It's called "Through the Looking Glass." I can't show you pictures because it is going to a vote but as soon as that is all done, I'll post pictures of it. It has been a fun and unique project that has enabled me to raid my stash of beads and use some of the more unique ones! I'm really happy with the way it has turned out - it is almost finished. Then I'll take pictures, enter it in the contest and when the contest is over, I'll post pictures.
Cheers, Denise

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Few Odd's and Ends

Hi All,
I am working on a secret project. I belong to Bead Art at Delphi forums and we are having a competition with "Through the Looking Glass" as the theme. Now the thing is, I got inspired to participate rather late in the day - or month and when I finally did have an "ahahaha" moment, I have had to scramble to create. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It is the reason why you haven't seen any art work though.

On another front, I have decided to join The 2007 Bead Journal Project that Robin Atkins has started. It will be fun, and inspiring and hopefully a real learning experience for me. Go to here blog if you want more information. Sign-ups go until the end of May.

Here are a couple of pictures from mothers day. We went to the Ottawa Tulip Festival - something we always do for mother's day. I love the tulip festival, it has such a great feel to it and yesterday was such a wonderful day weather wise!

Here is picture of me and my girls that Drew took yesterday. I'm the redhead. Claire is the one in the red sweatshirt but Emerald has her back to you - Haley with her arm up. The Asian lady isn't part of my family.

Haley is also in the picture with her cow tulip.

Did you know that Parliment Hill in Ottawa has a cattery? It's a house for cats and these cats live outside all year long. Look how well taken care of they are! We have been up there in the winter time and these cats have the thickest coats! It's very cool, very old fashioned and kinda sweet - the kids love to visit the cats!

Also here is a picture of our beautiful provincial flower - the trillium! This was a wonderful little bike ride with the girls.

I'll keep you posted with some stitching I've been doing for a round robin and a few other art projects I'm involved in!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I just finished this book this morning. I belong to a bookclub that includes some pretty wonderful women and one of them picked this book months ago. For a variety of reasons we didn't all read it until now. We are going to discuss it this week and I have to say that I really didn't want to read it.
It's about World War One and goes into amazing detail around trench warfare and what the men faced during that war.
But it's so much more than that. I was at about page 52 when I told my friend that I just didn't want to read anymore. But I would read till page 100. If it wasn't for reading this book for bookclub, I would have stopped at page 52. I'm so glad that I didn't!!!
The characters are amazing and the progress of the story is fantastic. It is done in a way that is respectful and honest and compelling. I'm glad I was pushed to read the book and that is exactly what book clubs do. They introduce you to places in the world you don't expect to go and while sometimes it does feel uncomfortable, getting out of our comfort zones is so worth it!
So have a go at this book and if you feel that you can't, read to page 100 and let the story carry you to the end.
Cheers, Denise

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thanks Margaret!!!

I found it! Thanks so much to Margaret for pointing me in the right direction. Now we can wander around the blog via the labels!!! I will be sure to add labels to all of my work cause I do do a variety of things!!
Cheers, Denise

Thanks Margaret!!!

I found it! Thanks so much to Margaret for pointing me in the right direction. Now we can wander around the blog via the labels!!! I will be sure to add labels to all of my work cause I do do a variety of things!!
Cheers, Denise


Can anyone off the top of their head tell me how to create a labels section so that when a visitor wants to navigate around this blog, they can do that with labels? I think it is such a cool thing and I haven't found a place in the blog settings etc. where this can be done. I have poked around here a couple of times but haven't tripped over what I need to get it done!
So... if there is anyone reading this who can help me, feel free to do so!!!
Cheers, Denise