Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new project.
I'm having a tough time with that bird. It doesn't sing at all and it doesn't call to me but this piece of labradorite sure does! I find that it responds well to greens and dusty rose. I don't know what else I'm going to do, but here is a hint of things to come and I did go and by some beads that are labradorite too. They are gorgeous faceted beads - bigger than and 8, smaller than a 6. They have the most incredible flash! More blue than this stone, I might add.

I am so hoping that this project gets my muse back in it's mojo because I do want to do birds for the beaded journal project and they just aren't flying!!! I am thinking about changing the type of bird and the colours I started with aren't that great.
I've also decided that I do not like beaded words. Really. I don't like the look of it. So I'm probably going to rip it out and find another way to add words.

Oh and I am loving this new camera! Doesn't it take great pictures! I have a bunch to learn about it, but it's very forgiving.
Cheers, Denise

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had some fun doodling today and playing with a pen. I was blog hopping when I found this blog - . Now I do not take credit for the right hand side of the blog, as I was following the same look as Valentina. The left hand side of the page I did do, it's a doodle that I have been playing with for years, like multiple decade years! And I have fun doing it, it's mindless and yet soothing. I've seen it in quilting of course, and wonder if there is a childhood memory lurking somewhere!
Another thing I've been doing is listening to Rice's podcasts. I just love her podcasts because she asks the right questions, questions that I would want to hear the answer to and sometimes I don't even realize I wanted to ask that question until she asks it!! Go to and look on the right hand side for links to her podcasts. I also upload them on to my ipod and listen to her at the gym. It's good to learn and work out at the same time!
Cheers, Denise

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the bird I've barely started. I think as a first word, it's entirely appropriate, don't you?

This is a picture of the beads I used for the bracelet and earring I made. I've placed these pictures out of order, sorry about that!!

I got out some beads todays to play and while I didn't really sort them, I did get a bunch out! I'm guilty of making quite a mess, and I did clean it up, but I'm not any more sorted then Iwas before I started! Here are a few pictures of my mess!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Photo's

Hi Everyone!
My 12 year old daughter got hold of my new camera's and these are just a few of the photo's she took?
thoughts? a bit of an artistic eye, wouldn't you say?