Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm very a very cool trekkie!!!

Your results:
You are Will Riker

Will Riker
Deanna Troi
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Beverly Crusher
Geordi LaForge
Jean-Luc Picard
Mr. Scott
Mr. Sulu
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
At times you are self-centered
but you have many friends.
You love many women, but the right
woman could get you to settle down.

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Now that was fun and in case you are wondering, I just changed the woman thing to man and the right man did get me to settle down!
That man just did the Ottawa Marathon in 3 hours and 44 mins!!! I'm so proud of him!! He's a great athelite! I wonder what kind of trekkie he is? Probably the engineer - since that is what he is in real life too!
Cheers, Denise

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Camping on the Weekend

We had such a great time!! It was cold and we had hail and we didn't care! Why? Because we were in our brand new trailer!!!

We had such a great time. We went to Bon Echo and the park is lovely. It's fully treed and has a great history. It was donated to National Parks by The Denison Family and they had run an inn on the property. This inn was a retreat area for the "avant garde" - artists, poet's etc in the 1920's. It was fantastic! We will definitely be going back.

Here is a picture of my old Dog Cole. He loves camping. In one of the camper pictures you can see Springer. Springer is a young dog - 2 and a bit. The two of them had a great time. Cole is stiff now and older but he is very loyal and devoted to his kids.
I can't wait to go camping again. We had fun figuring out all the stuff we needed to know about the camper. Like filling the water tank - before you go to your campsite and set up! Filling it afterwards with a two gallon bag just made it all rustic!
I've been camping since I was about 10 and it has always been in tents. I had told my family that if we wanted to continue camping, we were going to get a trailer. I'd had enough of tents, the mess, the rummaging for dishes in bins and the wetness when it rains. Getting this trailer will prolong my camping life for years to come!
Cheers, Denise

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Great Mailing Day!

I've pulled together a bunch of things to mail. I love receiving mail and know that in order to receive it, I need to send out goodies and let others enjoy too! So I'm sending out a fabric atc, 2 4x4 art pages in the theme of water for a group at yahoo, a RAK 4x4 page for a book that someone is putting together for another group member that needs cheering, a 4x4 page called Bloom for an all originals swap over at chubbyville and a birthday card with some yummy beads in it for a Beads For Birthday Club over at Delphi!
Now I have received my two water pages and I am waiting on a gorgeous ATC from another blogger, Deb H - The Cold Foot Quilter
I will get beads on my birthday so sending out beads now is good and fun and easy to do!
The RAK makes me smile. I'm the type who buys a coffee in the drive through line up for the person behind me when I'm feeling like I need a smile. I love to imagine what it feels like to receive a gift from a stranger - how they go "Oh Wow, Cool!"
Once, I did it and the lady at the cash told me that the last time I did it, 6 people in a row bought for the person behind them! How cool is that!!
So today is a great mail day, because I'm giving!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day in Ottawa...

Is beautiful. It comes right in the middle of the Tulip Festival and it's always fun - even in the rain. Here are some pictures of the awesome tulips that get painted each year. Each tulip - and there are over a hundred of them around the festival venues, are hand painted, hand collaged, or embellished with mixed media and are spectacular. The idea is for them to be sponsored and then displayed. Maybe one year the Smeaton family can do one! We enjoyed the tulip beds, some stilts and some dutch cookies. The music was great as was the company - my family! It was a wet, windy and wonderful day!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I've been Busy!!

Isn't it great! I'm very happy with it and as I was beading it, I realized, I could add more and more and more!

This is some of the detail. I wanted to not cover the material, because it was an intragral part of the whole design. I had a lot of fun with this!
I actually enjoy the bubbles coming out of the fishes mouth. It adds a sparkle with it. It's a very tactile piece and that was very evident to me when I watched my daughter run her hands through the seaweed.

Now on to more projects!! And now that I have my computer back, I can blog! I missed having it and having my list of favourites available to me. Debra Roby over at has a great comprehensive list of blogs that kept me mostly in touch with everyone so I could continue to read the blogs. They are sorta like soap opera's aren't' they? You check in with them on a regular basis to see what's going on and if you have some who doesn't post very often, it's kinda disappointing. So for those of you whom I disappointed by being away from the blog, I do apologize.
Cheers, Denise