Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Hoppin'!!!

Homework. Schoolwork. All the time.
Well okay, I still make dinner, still shop for groceries, still drink a glass of red wine in the evenings, but really, I am reading, writing and thinking. A lot.
That's all good! I love being in school full time actually and I love making the connections between one class and the other. Because I've been doing an interdisciplinary program, I find that there are connections in different fields and I enjoy that. And I enjoy learning. What am I studying this term you ask?
Oceanography, Sociology of Popular Culture, Children in Conflict and Research and Writing in an Academic Setting.
Can you guess which one I like the most? Go ahead, guess!!!

Blog Hopping!
I love to blog hop! I start at one of my bookmarked blogs, pick one from their list, go there, poke around, pick one from their list etc. and so it goes. This is a neat way to get new blogs on your favourites and be introduced to new artist, creators etc along the way.

So instead of the non-existent beading - (it'll keep I know) I thought I would show you where I pass the time when I'm browsing the internet. That way, at least you can live a little through their blogs! You can go Blog Hoppin'!!!
Cheers, Denise
Tim Holtz
This man is so creative and upbeat! He always makes me smile!

creativity prompt
I just tripped over this one, but it looks interesting doesn't it?

threads of love
There is Christmas on this blog!!1

I never get tired of going to visit Melody!

The Lone Beader
This wonderful beader shows us all the steps.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Procrastination Meme

I should be working on an assignment, but I'm doing this meme instead! 7 unknown facts about me...then tag 7 friend/bloggers I'd like to know more about and link to them all....that's a toughie since I've seen this meme all over and most of my tagees have already been tagged by others!
But here goes....

I have been watching General Hospital for about 30 odd years. I even remember Luke and Laura's wedding!

I am allergic to water. I break out into hives when I shower, go swimming, or sweat too much. It actually means that I am indeed allergic to hard work!

I sleep better when there is a stash of chocolate in the house. I can go weeks without eating it but when I want it, it better be there!

I actually want to do my Masters. I know, I can hear you - crazzzzy!!!!

While almost everyone who knows me knows I don't like pink, I actually don't mind dusty rose, or ummm, well dusty rose.

I graduated high school and college and never went to the graduation ceremonies.

I snoop in my husbands wallet, his in-mail box, his stuff. He knows too. We've been married for 20 years and he really doesn't have anything to hide!

Now I'm supposed to tag a bunch of people.


Here you go! There isn't 7, cause I dare to be different and I have to go out!

cheers, Denise

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sooner than I thought...

Hey all! I took a picture of my September page. Sarasvati is finished. I thought I had a mini book for her but it seems to have been misplaced. If or when I find it, I'll add it to the page. The charm is a swan, the flower she is surrounded by is a lotus.
She is made with 15's, as is the flower petals. I really enjoyed her. Oh and her lyre. I weaved it with 15's in square stitch. that was cool, I had never done that before.

Meet Henry.
He is a mascot for Christmas Prescence. Christmas Prescence is a store I work in that opens this weekend and goes until the first of the new year. I am celebrating working there for 10 years!
So Henry is our mascot and he needed his own tree, with some decorations. He has a friend in the chicken.
I did peyote around his neck and made the tree out of peyote too. I made the water and the island out of bead embroidery. He is going to be a gift to the store. I glued the base to a piece of styrofoam that is wrapped with gold ribbon.

Henry is my little side project. He himself is an ornament. I look forward to him being part of Christmas Prescence this year. I can't wait to see the reaction of a certain, specific person who I work with!

So where do you think I've been?

Can you say School? I'm going to try to post a picture of a certain project I have been trying to finish, but school keeps getting in the way!
Bear with me while I finish this school thing! I miss my beading!!!
Cheers, Denise