Friday, June 22, 2007

A Compliment

I want to thank everyone who has complimented me on my Through The Looking Glass Piece. I really had a lot of fun and drive to create that piece and it was really interesting to dig through my stash to find the beads that worked so amazingly well in it.

I was thinking of compliments and their importance in our lives. I was also looking at my list of blogs that I visit and the list of blogs that are on other people's blogs. I look for mine there. I don't see it that often but I was thinking that it would be a real compliment to see my blog on someone else favourite list. I was also remembering when an artist I knew re-formatted her list and took my name off her blog and the slight hurt I felt at that.
So in the next few days, I'm going to add to my list of blogs that I frequent and I'm going to update it with the blogs I go to. It's a good long list and it's a compliment to each of everyone that I look at your blogs.

If you have a blog, let me know, and if you would like to add my blog to your list, feel free... I'll accept it as a compliment.

Cheers, Denise

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Came In Second

It's called Through The Looking Glass.

There was a challenge on Bead Art and I didn't take up the challenge right away. Inspiration hit and I worked on this project non stop for oh, a month or so until it was finished. There are all kinds of woodland creatures, moss, trees, flying fish and pigs and a cheshire cat.
I loved how the mirror in the sky looks through the mirror of the water and that they both reflect back to each other all the weird and all the wonderful.
The back of the piece is the tunnel that Alice originally fell down and as she was falling, she saw all kinds of things so there is a rooster and a pig and of course shoes.

It was really fun to do. All most all of the beads I used were mine, I didn't have to go out and buy too many beads. I had fun using beads like the racoon and the squirrel and the elephant that had been sitting in my bead stash for the last few years.

Enjoy the pictures and congradulations to Jocelyn for winning. Here is the winning piece - The Red Queen Jocelyn did a fantastic job.

Cheers, Denise

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Through the Looking Glass is the challenge I worked on. One of these pieces belongs to me and if you are a member of Delphi Forums, you can go to Bead Art and vote. The link for the voting doesn't seem to work - I didn't set it up so don't ask me how that all works.
Also, if the pictures don't load right away, either refresh or reload. There are some great pieces here, and it was an interesting challenge. We aren't supposed to say which piece we did, though one I do know who did three of them and then I know which one I did, so it's not top secret or anything like that!
The winner with the most votes recieves a wonderful package of beads curtsey of the moderators of Bead Art.
Now on to other projects!! I'll be posting soon! I'm working on a fringe - for a beaded art doll and the going in slow - it's easy but tedious work.
Cheers, Denise

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Try your luck!

Who doesn't like a contest!? Check this one out because it's very cool! I tripped over it on someone else's blog and I am more than happy to pass the link on! You know that it will have to do with beads! So go check out the marbles!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

BJP Progress Report

Hello everyone!! Here is a picture of the 4x4 bjp page that I started and then abondoned. I'm glad I went with the 6x6 scheme, it allows me more room for doing a variety of things and as you can see in the next picture, I can use some great beads!!
I am beading on a quilt square - two layers of fabric with warm and natural batting in between. I hope to learn how to bind them very soon and in the mean time, I put together the 6x6 square as a pillow type flip. I like to bury my threads in the batting and leave the back empty of threads and stitches but I am going to be trying different techniques that also mean quilting the material as I go along. This adds an interesting dimension to the whole piece.

This is the start of my 6x6 June piece. It is a work in progress and I am actually finding it kinda boring. I didn't challenge myself at all but I love those huge green dagger beads and really wanted to use them. The blue beads in the center are lentils and they pile up on each other really nicely. I love the green beads for the stem - one of my favour beads!
I have other plans for this square, so I'm not going to dump it. Actually I want to incorporate journalling into this project and the plan is to put pockets for tags on the back. I'm going to sew the 4x4 patch that I made onto the back of this one to hold the journal tag. Then I'm going bead around it too.
I plan on adding some neat fringes etc to this piece. My hope for other pieces is to expand my fabric painting, stamping etc. I also plan on linking these together as a wall hanging - but I think I've mentioned that before.

In other news.... GO SENS GO!!!!!! Our cat Snow gets into the cheering with a little pompom action! The game was great and the Ottawa Sens Rock!!!!