Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Great Mailing Day!

I've pulled together a bunch of things to mail. I love receiving mail and know that in order to receive it, I need to send out goodies and let others enjoy too! So I'm sending out a fabric atc, 2 4x4 art pages in the theme of water for a group at yahoo, a RAK 4x4 page for a book that someone is putting together for another group member that needs cheering, a 4x4 page called Bloom for an all originals swap over at chubbyville and a birthday card with some yummy beads in it for a Beads For Birthday Club over at Delphi!
Now I have received my two water pages and I am waiting on a gorgeous ATC from another blogger, Deb H - The Cold Foot Quilter
I will get beads on my birthday so sending out beads now is good and fun and easy to do!
The RAK makes me smile. I'm the type who buys a coffee in the drive through line up for the person behind me when I'm feeling like I need a smile. I love to imagine what it feels like to receive a gift from a stranger - how they go "Oh Wow, Cool!"
Once, I did it and the lady at the cash told me that the last time I did it, 6 people in a row bought for the person behind them! How cool is that!!
So today is a great mail day, because I'm giving!!!

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Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Oh what fun. Cole looks so much like a dog I used to have.. "Phil".