Thursday, March 08, 2007

A YELLOW Dragon Lies Beneath!

My inner dragon color is YELLOW. Click here to try the Quiz!

My inner dragon is the most interesting of all. Not only am I the Air Elemental dragon, but I am the fourth rarest type of dragon in the world. Given the chance, I'd spend my days just soaring through the clouds, and I'll only attack if provoked. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.

I'll have to try again another day. I suspect my inner dragon is different depending on how many human's I've eaten. Then again, depending on how many crystals I've managed to stick to my stomach, I may prefer to go out raiding for shiny sparkling goodies!!!
Or I may want to be the wise dragon who is imperious to others but will deign to dispense wisdom when I'm well fed and content.
Can you tell I need to play?????

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