Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hi All!
These are the final pictures from my BFAC project. I don't think I ever posted them. The project got shipped off ages ago!
Now I'm doing some things, I made a necklace and matching earrings for a friend but I didn't take a picture. I also am working on a secret santa project that one of my daughters friends said was too tacky. So now I'm re thinking it!!! Argh, I may have to make something else!! I think it's kitchy and she doesn't know the difference so she couldn't really say but if I give it to this woman, I don't want her to think it's tacky. I'm rethinking it!!!
More later, this is definitely my busy time of year!!!
Cheers, Denise


The Lone Beader® said...

Lovely doll! :)

Christine said...

Gosh Denise! How long did this project take you? The detail is just exquisite, nice to see the whole project finished I bet ! I love the designing, the choosing materials, hate the DOING BIT, but love the finishing, and of course the compliments from admirers at the end. Guess I fail as an artisan / craftsperson then, hee hee. Is this for a swap, gift or is she your baby to keep?
Hooroo, Christine.

Genevieve said...

Denise, your doll is stunning!

Dianne said...

Your doll turned out fabulous the bead work is beautiful..
Love it..