Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cool eh?

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Mary over at serious beader showed this and I thought I would play. I thought it would be fun to play with it too!
I have been beading, only I can't seem to find my daughter's camera to take pictures. I think I need a camera of my own, that would be easier for me. Then when I want to take pictures, I'm not searching for my daughter's camera - which at any given time, can be in a dozen places in the house.
One of the other things I've done, is to do some chain mail! That is too cool! Thanks to Marilyn Gardiner, I have now gotten my coins on a bracelet! I'll take a picture of it soon too, I promise. My friend and I met up with her at the Ottawa Glass Bead Artists show here in town last weekend and I chose a kit, and she showed me some tips and I finished it last week!
I've also been playing with Herringbone, thanks to Jean Power's blog - I am loving this! Scroll down to her red herrringbone rope necklaces. This blog is very inspiring!
Pictures soon, I promise!

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