Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had some fun doodling today and playing with a pen. I was blog hopping when I found this blog - . Now I do not take credit for the right hand side of the blog, as I was following the same look as Valentina. The left hand side of the page I did do, it's a doodle that I have been playing with for years, like multiple decade years! And I have fun doing it, it's mindless and yet soothing. I've seen it in quilting of course, and wonder if there is a childhood memory lurking somewhere!
Another thing I've been doing is listening to Rice's podcasts. I just love her podcasts because she asks the right questions, questions that I would want to hear the answer to and sometimes I don't even realize I wanted to ask that question until she asks it!! Go to and look on the right hand side for links to her podcasts. I also upload them on to my ipod and listen to her at the gym. It's good to learn and work out at the same time!
Cheers, Denise

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Genevieve said...

Hi Denise... If you enjoy these kinds of doodles, check out Zentangles...