Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Choose A Word

2011. It's time to move on. It's time to move forward. I really don't know what happened to 2010. Lots of parenting. Lots of facebook games. I'll be honest. I was anemic and felt tired a lot and slept a lot. I worked some and parented a lot. I mentioned that, didn't I?
Well the parenting continues, and the facebook games are going to diminish and my word for the year is ASPIRE.

as·pired, as·pir·ing, as·pires
1. To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongly: aspired to stardom.
2. To strive toward an end: aspiring to great knowledge.
3. To soar.

It's time. It's time to reach out and grasp the dreams and the goal and work. Work hard - because not working hard isn't getting it done. So I aspire. Watch for it!
Cheers, Denise

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