Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Very Busy Few Days.

I've a busy few days teaching beading! I just love teaching and love watching what my students create. I love seeing their colour combinations and to challenge them to create what they see in their minds eye.
On Thursday night I taught a caterpillar bracelet. It was tricky at first to keep everyone at about the same place because I couldn't find my crimpers so we had to share one pair between seven people. But we got there and everyone walked away knowing how to make and finish their bracelet.
On Saturday we had a demo at Michaels. It was pretty quiet but there were a few people who were interested in the bead embroidery so we will try to run a class in June. It would be great to get this going in the West end. I teach bead embroidery at the local quilt shop near me and have four classes scheduled for the spring. Leave me a message on the blog comment if you want more information.
Then on Sunday I worked with the group that started their cuff bracelets a couple of weeks ago. They were finishing them up or learning to finish them. Wow! They are beautiful! Such a variety of colours and textures in each one. Some were very close to being finished and one student actually did finish. It had a lot to do with how much they got done in the time between classes. What a great group - we had some great laughs and thoroughly enjoyed our time together!!
Now to study for my Canadian Studies exam!
I'd rather be beading!
Cheers, D

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Dianne said...

Hi Denise.
You are a busy women,I really like your blog, I loved your Boheimian
tags.. I just got a beaded cuff frim a Lady in the States, she sells them for $200.00, Luckly I got a deal $150.00 plus exchange.
Hope your charging enough..
Dianne LMT..