Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Working Hard - Getting Ready

I've been hard at work - and working my kids hard to get ready for our trip. We are going for a month and when we get back home, it will be straight into school. I'm bound and determined not to come home to a messy house so I've been driving everyone crazy with the purging and cleaning. Hard to believe, when I look around - I don't see that much of a difference! Argh,, it seems no sooner do the kids get their room half done that they go and take everything out again and I feel like I'm back to square one.

So I've run most of my errands. Now I have to plan a menu for shopping for the first few days of camping and do the shopping tomorrow. Thursday is packing and Friday we are doing our weekly clean of the house. Saturday morning we are on the road!

For projects, I've decided to bring some atc fabric blanks that need beading; a circle piece that I started for the trailer and haven't finished yet; my crazy quilt doll; and two eye glass cases that need beading as a sample for a class I'm going to be beading. They shouldn't take me long - they are already sewn up, just need some beads for decoration. I figure it will be a fun way to teach bead embroidery.

Here is a picture of my pink and orange pages. Long story - I used to play Othello when I was a kid. It has different names but it's where you are colour and your opponent is the reverse and you have to flip over the tiles when you make a line. Well when I saw this pink and orange chubby book, it reminded me of the game so I decided to make the board as my page. As you can see, that really didn't happen - it didn't look good. But I did have some fun putting these pages together so they are going in the mail tomorrow. Also going in the mail are two more dolls from our Bead Art Round Robin.

See ya!

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Dianne said...

These are stuning the colors are fabulous no wonder you are going to be in the Zine,