Monday, July 24, 2006

Fabric ATC blanks

I've created these atc crazy quilting atc's to embellish for a swap that I'm in and also to swap with some friends that I know from the store Quilty Pleasures. I don't know if they have begun or have thought about it - perhaps I should light a fire under their beads?
So I'm really looking forward to embellishing these and all kinds of ideas keep swimming around in my mind. Fibers and beads and faces and embroidery floss! I don't know if I'll have time to put all of that on each card but I'll keep you posted!
I've booked a class at Dragons Lair Beads Remember that gorgeous blue bracelet that Genevieve Crabe created? Well, I'll be teaching that one. I"m also booked to teach bead embroidery at Micheals at the Pinecrest Mall here in Ottawa. More bookings to come!

On one more note - we are getting ready for our big trip out west. We are contacting people and practicing getting out of bed, making our beds and getting dressed - first! That means we don't come downstairs and lounge around watching cartoons and playing computer games. That, I swear it is harder to teach this to the girls then all the other preparations I've been working on! Less than two weeks!
Cheers, Denise

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Dianne said...

These are lovely just on their own but are going to be fablous when embelished can't wait to see them.