Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here are some birthday beads and some birthday beading! Well I beaded yesterday with my friend Calinda and the birthday beads were waiting patiently for the last two weeks to be opened. Thanks so much to Victoria, Grace, Judi and Dody! Today I hope to do some fun things with my family! I'll keep ya posted!
Cheers, Denise


Anonymous said...

Hi Denise
Happy B`Day!!!!
Just waned to drop a note and say your bracelet looks beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it finished and see more detail once you get better picture of it:)

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday stash, they do all go well together. Sounds like you had a nice one

The bad Liz said...

These are so my colours!! And another beader who is a camper? I might actually have to plan another camping trip to Canada (east, not north although I love going north of Lake Superior).