Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

This is a picture of some jewellery I helped my sister and my neice and my daughter's wanted to make. I don't do a lot of jewellery but I can do it. I must admit that I was scrambling for findings! My sister commented on the fact that I was picking too many beads but then when she went to find just the right bead in just the right size, I didn't have it! All of a sudden, I didn't have enough beads! Hahahaha, and so the addiction continues!

This is me and my neice and my daughter working on the earrings. It was fun having so many of my family playing with me!! Of course, I didn't make anything, but I did manage to take apart a crystal bracelet!!!
I'll try to upload the pictures from Gatineau park tomorrow - it was a perfect weekend! Colour and good weather and a wonderful walk. We came home to an awesome turkey!!!
Cheers, Denise

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Anonymous said...

LOL That face I see in this picture looks more like you than your daughter Denise Ha ha haa
Hey did I send you the pics from your trip yet?
hugs Ellen