Monday, October 30, 2006

Forgot to Take Pictures

I just came back from the post office. If you are looking forward to something from me, it's in the mail. Really. I always feel an odd sense of accomplishment when I do that - take all these envelopes and parcels to the mail. Of course, with the new regulations that exist, the paperwork is silly!
So of course, as I was leaving the post office, I realized that I didn't take pictures of my tags or atc's or 4x4! I bet you all are beginning to believe that I don't do any art! But I have been! Really!
So yesterday I was working on art all afternoon. It was cold and wet and windy and perfect for playing with my art supplies. I've joined a charm swap and I'm playing around with different ideas for the charms. I think I've got one idea that involves beads, and the other involves shrink plastic. So far so good!
Pictures soon! I promise!
Cheers, Denise

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