Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still, Here, not doing any art.

I'm doing home work. so for those of you who are waiting for a wonderful something from the meme, I'm still here, I had in my next paper on Monday and then I'm off! I can art! I can create and play and bead and decorate for Christmas. My poor daughter is wondering when the Christmas Tree will go up! I'm so looking forward to the month of December!
I did make a bracelet with crystals and didn't glue the knots and lost it yesterday while I was out. I hope someone finds it and likes it and fixes it. I'd rather that then it was run over by a car and crushed! Maybe I'll find it in a grocery bag or something.
And I have pictures of my freeform peyote bracelets that I'll post next time I'm here. I might even try to make a new banner for the blog once I'm finished my homework! The potential to create will be awesome.
It's like I'm getting this build up of creative energy what with not being able to do any of it! December will be fun!
Cheers, Denise

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