Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hi All,
The exams are done, the house is clean and I've done something I've been wanting to do - no not that - I've done that already!!!
No, what I wanted to do was try felting! So I did! After my last exam on Thursday last week, I went to the art store, and Ikea and the wool shop. I had a blast poking around and looking at all the fun ways I can play!
I picked up a blue wool and used the roving I already had and played with it. Here are the pictures of my endeavors. If I ever


Some of the pictures are double - sorry about that.
It all shows how I knitted the piece, washed it and felted it, then cut out a star - which was supposed be more flower looking. Then I got the needles out and started poking away.
Interesting thing about the needles. I could have bought a gadget that the a different type of needle sits in. I think there are six needles in the holder. This gadget was about 25.00. Instead I picked up these needles that were four 7bucks. You can use more than one at a time or just use the one for specific work - more details. I like the idea of the needles - cheaper and easy to use.
I only poked my finger once and man they are sharp!
So I'm working on a few other things which I'll show you real soon! And I teach beading in the next few weeks if the class goes!
Oh! And I planted Pansies!!!!!!
Cheers, All!


~*Charms 2007*~ said...

Beautiful felting Denise!!!
I love the flower/star!
Very cool idea and great color combo!
YAY pansies!
(I love them!!!)

arlee said...

The needlefelter tool is actually pretty cool----but cleaning my studio yesterday i came across one that i collected years ago--1 needle in a wooden handle, gotta give it a try.
Nice start!

The bad Liz said...

Great minds think alike Denise! I just did a needle felting moose last week. I need to take a picture of the moose and post it in my blog!

Love the two colours together - beautiful!!

Denise said...

Thanks Amber! I think I'm going to use it to decorate something - just, what I don't know! Maybe a needle case?

Denise said...

Thanks Arlee. It does look cool, it was the difference in price for me. I went with the cheaper choice in case I don't like doing it. Hahahaha - what was I thinking!? It's fun! And I got some great hand dyed roving the other day!!
Cheers, Denise

Denise said...

Hey Liz,
Love the dog!!! I love your Moose too! Actually I love the bead embroidery you do!
I made some felt beads and beaded them, they are cool too!
Tonight I fiddled with some beads and a postcard for a friend. It was fun! I played with Angelina Fibers.
Cheers, Denise

Dianne said...

I like this too, the star flower is really nice I want to learn how to make felt jewlery... No knitting first for me just felting LOL...

Quilt Architect said...

I am so glad that you showed us this needle felting. You are doing all the things I want to do. I was wondering if I could needle felt without a machine...especially one of those 1,000.00 machines that they advertise in quilting magazines. Glad to see there is an alternative. I am so into handwork.