Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is what I get to play with!
I have one more paper then the two exams, which are spaced nicely in April. Oh boy, it's getting harder and harder to study when all I want to do is let my imagination run wild with art, fiber, beads paper, ink, glues threads!!!
But I'm here blogging, instead of reading all this stuff (some of which I actually have read!). I can be such a bad procrastinator!

I miss my art bench! I miss my art supplies, my paints, brushes, inks, glues, stamps, paper - oh, paper! All the great textures, the smells, the heat gun, the colours!

And my beads!!!! Oh my wonderful beads! I've been buying and not using, but buying in anticipation! Buying beads is way too easy and only take a fraction of a second!

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