Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm trying again!

The Blogger failed me the other day when I had a huge and cool blog ready to be posted. I'm ready to try again!
I want to show you something. I have been reading In a Minute Ago for the longest time and I'm inspired by the The Take It Further Challenge. Sharon B is an amazing artist and I love her work. The texture screams off the computer screen, I can only imagine what it is like in person! So I was thinking of this challenge but it was when I saw what Bobbi did, that I realized that I really wanted to play along with the challenge. I'm not an official member but I am playing anyway.
Bobbi posted her piece on herBeading AT The Beach Blog.

I decided on a tag shape. I love that shape, have used it for a long time in mixed media and thought this would work for the challenge. Here are the two pictures. I've since done more work on it and will post finished pictures too.

Here is one side of it. The theme this month was who inspires you and lots of people do so I created something that reminded me of several people. the main material is from my couch which I made new cushion covers for so I had the material there. I was impressed with myself for doing this job - I pushed my boundaries with it so I've inspired myself. Then I added the paisley for a friend of my - Lorna, who constantly inspires me. The seahorse is from Laurel Burch's collection. She was an amazing woman, and I wish I had of know more about her before she died.
The tag has fibers and beads on it on this side, which aren't in the picture.

On this side, we have a picture that was created byCarol. She is a Mom and a beader and she gave everyone this picture when she hosted the brooch faces swap. I admire her - she works hard at her art. I put mica on it - courtsey of Art Chix when I went there on a trip to BC last year. It was the first time I used the mica and it really does sew easily!
The strip of white satin is from Lexi. She is a member of the Hannah Grey Yahoo group and was my secret santa. I admire her and her art very much. She lives in Bermuda and doesn't have a lot of art stores, but still manages to do some beautiful work. Turns out I was her Santa too and it was fun sending her parcels for Christmas too.
The Charms are from a charm swap I did with Amber Dawn.I had been saving these charms for something special and I am inspired by so many women who participate in swaps and exhanges!
You know, it isn't just the women who made these charms, but so many other artists out there who are willing to swap. I love doing that and I love seeing and collecting from people around the world. One of the bonuses of globalization, I guess.
There are beads on the front which aren't in the picture - to honour my many bead friends!!
I also included a felt ball - one of my daughters made this one, they were all making them one night and I don't know who made this one but they all inspire me constantly and talk to me about my art, and there so this one little felt balls says so much!So that is my tag for the month of January. I'm going to make tags for each month and It's just great to create a series. I was surprized by how much I've enjoyed the Beaded Art Project and when it ends in the spring, I'll have this one to keep me going.
Next up, the Beaded Journal Project squares that you haven't seen. I've mostly kept up and I'll post them next.
Cheers, Denise


beadbabe49 said...

denise, your tag is fabulous and the back story on it is even's this translating ideas into art that keeps me going!
I'm so glad you're going to be playing along with the TIF...
and I can hardly wait to see your bjp pieces posted!

Anonymous said...

Denise, I love your TIF piece! I'm doing the challange too and you have inspired me to get moving on my piece. I'm "borrowing" sharon's phrase "Take It Further" for my 2008 theme. Thanks for the extra inspiration!

Denise said...

Thanks all for the comments. I really like the TIF project and like having something long term. I realized I liked it with the BJP!
cheers, Denise

Timaree said...

This is so great. You really paid homage to everyone but I like it especially, that you included yourself. That is a brave thing to do. And I didn't know you could sew on mica; something knew I just learned from you!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

What a clever way to use the charms!
I love the fabrics that you used for this piece.
Very cool theme too.

Best wishes for more creative fun!!!
Amber Dawn