Saturday, March 15, 2008

Take It Further Challenge

This is February's Take it Further Challenge. I haven't done much at all in the way of beading but still want to do this challenge in the form of tags. The February theme was what do I remember. I remember drawing bubble letters and colouring them in. It was a fun and simple project. I want to add some pom poms on ribbon to this and cover the back stitching but I decided to get it up here first cause it's been so long since I put anything on the blog.
The Take it Further challenge for March is to pay attention to the little things. I'll be thinking about that. I want to at least start it in March, and I want to start March's Beaded Journal Project too but I've been concentrating on my paper for school so we'll see how it goes.
Cheers, Denise


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Ellen said...

That is very cool Denise, it takes me back to school days ;9