Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In which the Beaded Art Doll Women Inspire Me!

I joined Beaded Art Dolls on yahoo. What an amazing, creative group of women! The latest challenge was to use a flat puzzle shape and bead it a specific colour. Everyone had two choices, they could do yellow plus 10% of a contrasting colour or be randomly assigned a colour. My random colour was red but I've done red, so I went back to the yellow.
What you see here is my tray, with most of my yellow beads, and my beady doll. She's called Picking Up The Pieces, because, as you can see, she's missing a few. They will be beaded and dangling from her arms when this is done.
It's been fun! And relaxing as I continue to work on my thesis.

You can check out their:blog here.


The Lone Beader® said...

Yours is the 2nd puzzle doll I've seen. I really like this project! :D

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were going to hang the cut out pieces from her hands. I love it. Keep up the great work.

Jeanne (Beaded Art Dolls)

abeadlady said...


I recently joined BAD as well. Just had to do those puzzle dolls. I check your blog frequently and enjoy your posts.


Denise said...

Hey LB! This puzzle project is fun. I now have an idea of the exactness of your windows on the sub - with the cut out puzzle bits.

Gammie, I think the puzzle pieces will look cool dangling from her arms. She's going to have hair too - I love fringe hair!

I noticed you Arline! I think you are really going to like this group! And the inspiration is amazing!

Cheers, Denise

GraceBeading said...

Wonderful piece Denise, LOVE the design.