Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sooner than I thought...

Hey all! I took a picture of my September page. Sarasvati is finished. I thought I had a mini book for her but it seems to have been misplaced. If or when I find it, I'll add it to the page. The charm is a swan, the flower she is surrounded by is a lotus.
She is made with 15's, as is the flower petals. I really enjoyed her. Oh and her lyre. I weaved it with 15's in square stitch. that was cool, I had never done that before.

Meet Henry.
He is a mascot for Christmas Prescence. Christmas Prescence is a store I work in that opens this weekend and goes until the first of the new year. I am celebrating working there for 10 years!
So Henry is our mascot and he needed his own tree, with some decorations. He has a friend in the chicken.
I did peyote around his neck and made the tree out of peyote too. I made the water and the island out of bead embroidery. He is going to be a gift to the store. I glued the base to a piece of styrofoam that is wrapped with gold ribbon.

Henry is my little side project. He himself is an ornament. I look forward to him being part of Christmas Prescence this year. I can't wait to see the reaction of a certain, specific person who I work with!


abeadlady said...

Love your page and Henry also. Don't you just love 15's? I have about a bazillion of them and it's never enough. LOL


Robin said...

Ooooh... Sarasvati is quite lovely... I love her colors and her graceful appearance!

Henry is quite a fabulous mascot. I bet everyone at the store will be pleased as punch.

Robin A.

pam T said...

Hi Denise, I love your September page - the colors are perfect! And really like Henry - He made me smile right away! What fun!

Jacquie said...

Denise, Very pretty work, and nice soft colors! I love 15's too even though they take more time to bead.

KV said...

Beautiful goddess and that Henry -- he's a hoot!

Kathy V in NM

CC said...

I LOVE your Sarasvati!!! It's really beautiful! And using off-loom for the lyre was perfect. I also really like your theme & can't wait to see more.
Also, my DH & I both love Henry! ;)
Warmest aloha,
P.S. I can't believe you did that with 15s!!! YOWZA!!!

Marty S said...

Lovely! The color gradations in your lotus petals are great. All the best to Henry.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Padparadscha said...

I like Sarasvati, but I'm in love with Henry and his tree !

Timaree said...

Great page and piece for the shop where you work. I've incorporated a woven piece in my Sept. page. It's rather fun isn't it, to be able to do different things with the beads to get what we want from them. Size 15's are pretty small. This page took a lot of work but it's worth it.

GraceBeading said...

Absolutely beautiful work Denise! I really like both projects, your BJP page is stunning.

beadbabe49 said...

what a great piece, denise....and henry and his environment is darling! I've also tagged you on my blog...come and play, please?

Denise said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I'm back to papers and exams and studying. I miss beading and I am determined to start the October page in October! I have to find my bead table though! It's not bead-ready in the least right now!!!
cheers Denise