Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Hoppin'!!!

Homework. Schoolwork. All the time.
Well okay, I still make dinner, still shop for groceries, still drink a glass of red wine in the evenings, but really, I am reading, writing and thinking. A lot.
That's all good! I love being in school full time actually and I love making the connections between one class and the other. Because I've been doing an interdisciplinary program, I find that there are connections in different fields and I enjoy that. And I enjoy learning. What am I studying this term you ask?
Oceanography, Sociology of Popular Culture, Children in Conflict and Research and Writing in an Academic Setting.
Can you guess which one I like the most? Go ahead, guess!!!

Blog Hopping!
I love to blog hop! I start at one of my bookmarked blogs, pick one from their list, go there, poke around, pick one from their list etc. and so it goes. This is a neat way to get new blogs on your favourites and be introduced to new artist, creators etc along the way.

So instead of the non-existent beading - (it'll keep I know) I thought I would show you where I pass the time when I'm browsing the internet. That way, at least you can live a little through their blogs! You can go Blog Hoppin'!!!
Cheers, Denise
Tim Holtz
This man is so creative and upbeat! He always makes me smile!

creativity prompt
I just tripped over this one, but it looks interesting doesn't it?

threads of love
There is Christmas on this blog!!1

I never get tired of going to visit Melody!

The Lone Beader
This wonderful beader shows us all the steps.


The Lone Beader said...

Thanks for mentioning me! Blog hoppin is fun isn't it?? :D

Avital said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

Denise said...

No problem LB! I just wish I had more time to comment on your awesome beading!

Avital - how did you find this so fast?

Cheers, Denise