Thursday, February 18, 2010

All the Wonderful things happening in the Bead World!

First off, I want to mention that Use the Muse IV at Use the Muse is up and the beads are beautiful! I have entered this year and I am very excited to participate, as this is the first time for me! Feb 25th is the last pre-order date! It's also the last day to get the pre-order price!
The beads are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the muse too! I love these colours too so I think I'm in a good position here! I can't wait to play!

In other news, Mark the Date - March 7th!!! Check out the Beading For a Cure Auction Items!
Beading For a Cure is up and running and I have a project in it. I was given the beads at the last minute and the ideas just flew!
I love the birds and really wanted to use the beads to show them off. I can see these birds hanging in a sunny location.
Now, if you want more, if you love these colours, there are some great pieces available so take the time to browse the gallery! This charity is a wonderful opportunity to not only purchase amazing pieces by fantastic artists, but also supports a very worthy cause.
I'm going to create a button for you to link to the BFAC website. Wish me luck!

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Robin said...

Your beaded birds are really fabulous... the shape is lovely and the beading... wow!