Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Ideas

It amazes me that at a time when I have time, when I am not busy, I have misplaced my need to bead. I have ideas, I have beads, I have no will to pick up the needle. And it just kind of fizzles.
So in an effort to keep thing moving, and to maybe spark a creative desire, I tried my hand at snow dieing. This was fun! It helped that we had snow! I live in Ottawa for crying out loud! It's supposed to be the snowest capital in the world and we haven't recieved much snow this year at all!!
Here are some pictures of the whole event. I did not have procion dyes, just ones from Rit, so the colours are not as vibrant.

I'm trying another new idea for the Beaded Journal Project. If it works, I'll post, if it doesn't, if it fizzles, then I'll try something else.
I wonder where the muse goes, when she takes a trip?

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