Monday, July 17, 2006

Cooke Family Go Karting Day

We had such a fun time! Here are a few pictures of the day with a few of us - me driving, my daughters, my niece and her boyfriend. Check out the awesome family t's! They were a great surprise by my brother and father. There may be more pictures coming, I have to go through them. I of course, forgot the camera back in Ottawa and didn't get any shots. Silly me.
We had a wonderful dinner with the 22 of us. Lots of laughing and giggling. The kids were great - it was wonderful to see my cousin Anne again and meet her boys. My Aunt was there and she went out on the track too. It was very cool!
We were all getting together to have fun and play. It hasn't happened in a long time and it was great for us to see and be together. It also happened to be on my father's birthday! We had great enjoyment celebrating his day and making the whole thing that much more special.
The next day we went to my Mom's. We had a good time there too but I do have to apologize because we were all a little sleepy. Still, a short visit was better than none at all!

On Friday I came home to teach! It was a great class - the students were enthusiastic and fun! I love teaching bead embroidery! I teach at Quilty Pleasures - it's a wonderful store here in Ottawa.
The staff are the best and it's where I've been taking my quilting classes. I'm not teaching there anymore this summer but look for more classes in the fall! I'd love to create a scissor case class or a needle case class. It would be great to work on projects and see how creative people can be!
Cheers, Denise


The bad Liz said...

Of course after you left the post on my blog about my moose beadwork, I had to come here and see your stuff! I love the quilted dolls - they are very cool.

My moose piece is about the size of a DVD cover (because that's what I had to trace around that day).

Now, where in Ontario - I always automatically assume the Windsor/London/Toronto corridor, because that is what I am more familiar with, but I do love the area north of Lake Superior - gee, is it because Moose hang around up there?

Denise said...

Actually, I'm in Ottawa! It's moose area too - well close by anyway.
Cheers, Denise