Monday, July 10, 2006

Here in Toronto

Hi all!
I'm here in Milton - just outside of Toronto, with my sister and her family. We are having a great family event tomorrow where a bunch of us Cookes! Will get together for some laughs and gokarting! Way cool - the kids are really excited and it will be great to see some of my relatives.
Then off for dinner with the same bunch. My brother was absolutely great to arrange all of this! Thanks STEVE!!!!
On Wednesday we are off to see my Mom and hang at the beach if it's beach hanging weather. I'm hoping! My Mom lives in Cottage country and it's a great town. I really like driving to and from that area because we take the back roads which are turn and roll and are very scenic. And on Thursday we will be doing just that - home.
We had a good drive yesterday. Haley did a triathon in the morning and then we were off. We couldn't get the computer to play a DVD so we talked and laughed and read ghost stories in the car. It was good.
Cheers, Everyone!

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Jan - Bead Shak said...

Hi Denise I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! Hope you had a great day!