Thursday, May 03, 2007


Can anyone off the top of their head tell me how to create a labels section so that when a visitor wants to navigate around this blog, they can do that with labels? I think it is such a cool thing and I haven't found a place in the blog settings etc. where this can be done. I have poked around here a couple of times but haven't tripped over what I need to get it done!
So... if there is anyone reading this who can help me, feel free to do so!!!
Cheers, Denise


Dianne said...

Hello Denise
Did you change to the new blogger yet. I finally did and it is much simplier now to add thinks on the side of your blog.. I couldn't add the ring I'm in until I changed to the new blogger now it is much simpler even I can do it, who is computer illiterate.. Thats about all the info I can give.. I also asked Carol this morning in Scotland if you could burn lutrador. Then I went to another blogger
She work with bolts of the stuff and she was saying she was going to paint it then burn some of it back so I guess you can burn it..
Marion is the Lady Sandy goes and visits..
Big hugs dear...

Margaret said...

Hi Denise,
In my blogger account I go to the Templates tab and then under page elements. Somewhere on the page layout diagram there should be a link to 'Add a Page Element' and then you can acc 'Labels'. I think though I had to upgrade my template a while back to be able to do this.

arlee said...

If you means "tags", they are at the bottom of each "post entry" when you write them.
Lutrador can be burnt and melted :}