Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Came In Second

It's called Through The Looking Glass.

There was a challenge on Bead Art and I didn't take up the challenge right away. Inspiration hit and I worked on this project non stop for oh, a month or so until it was finished. There are all kinds of woodland creatures, moss, trees, flying fish and pigs and a cheshire cat.
I loved how the mirror in the sky looks through the mirror of the water and that they both reflect back to each other all the weird and all the wonderful.
The back of the piece is the tunnel that Alice originally fell down and as she was falling, she saw all kinds of things so there is a rooster and a pig and of course shoes.

It was really fun to do. All most all of the beads I used were mine, I didn't have to go out and buy too many beads. I had fun using beads like the racoon and the squirrel and the elephant that had been sitting in my bead stash for the last few years.

Enjoy the pictures and congradulations to Jocelyn for winning. Here is the winning piece - The Red Queen Jocelyn did a fantastic job.

Cheers, Denise


Margaret said...

Personally, I think you should have won. I love this and your extra pictures make it even better to see. I can't imagine all the work you put into it. Just fantastic.

arlee said...


Ellen said...

This is an incredible piece Denise I love all the detail in it.

Dianne said...

Denise this is an awesome piece, OMGoodness all that work Just brilliant work, and I think you should have won, I voted for you...

Seduced by beads... said...

I love the dimension added to your work by the reflections. Very striking.

Denise said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments. It was a truly inspired piece and it was fun to make! I can't wait to be inspired like that again!!!
Cheers, Denise

Christine said...

Denise, while I might not always leave a comment you can be sure I visit often because I love to see the fabulous things all my fellow Sisters are stitching! I've just added a visitor locator map to my blog, and it shows the hits, even though people don't comment. Might be an idea for you, it's a nice little confidence booster for me anyway. Just click on my map to add your own.

Judi D said...

Your piece is incredible, glad to see better pics of it here. Congrats on placing:)

Padparadscha said...

What an amazing piece, bravo !

Magpie Sue said...

This is my first visit to your blog (from Beading at the Beach). Went to look at the Red Queen and I have to say that I think you were robbed! I find your piece much more impressive.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I said it out loud in AWE!!!

Amazing and so detailed!