Thursday, June 14, 2007

Through the Looking Glass is the challenge I worked on. One of these pieces belongs to me and if you are a member of Delphi Forums, you can go to Bead Art and vote. The link for the voting doesn't seem to work - I didn't set it up so don't ask me how that all works.
Also, if the pictures don't load right away, either refresh or reload. There are some great pieces here, and it was an interesting challenge. We aren't supposed to say which piece we did, though one I do know who did three of them and then I know which one I did, so it's not top secret or anything like that!
The winner with the most votes recieves a wonderful package of beads curtsey of the moderators of Bead Art.
Now on to other projects!! I'll be posting soon! I'm working on a fringe - for a beaded art doll and the going in slow - it's easy but tedious work.
Cheers, Denise

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