Sunday, February 24, 2008

BJP Project update

This is the finished Paisley page.

Here are two close photos of the felted and beaded page. This was fun. I enjoyed playing witht the colour of the felt and the texture that the beads added. I also tried to learn more about perspective and laying out a landscape. Still new at this and still trying out new ideas.

I have to confess, I had this finished in February because I had a craving for colour. I beaded this coloured flag and it was fun and bright and vibrant. The little lizard dude is actually from the Dominican Republic from a trip a few years ago and made its way onto the page quite nicely.
The flower is actually a felt ball cut in half and then beaded. I then sewed it onto the page. It actually has quite a bit of dimension and works well with the lizard dude cause they both are quite big. This page speaks volumes about my need for the sun!


arlee said...

Love the colours in the paisley page--earthy but uplifting.

abeadlady said...


Love the paisley. I too am playing with felting, but am doing more needle felting. Have you seen the work done by Jo Wood? It's awesome.


Denise said...

Jo Woods work is beautiful Arline, and I have been to her page many times to get ideas and perspective.
Thanks Arlee, paisley is hard to bead - I need to work on it.
Cheers, Denise

Genevieve said...

Hey Denise... I love your new pages!

The Lone Beader® said...

I love the beaded trees!! :D

Ellen said...

Gorgeous stuff all of them Denise, the paisly came out well, the colours are so you ;9

I love the trees a la Jo Wood, I think you achieved your goal of depth for distance

The last one is cute & so not you as I see lots of PINK, what has happened to you my friend? There is pink in the tree one too, are you running a fever or something?

Ducking & running before you throw something at me LOL

Mieke said...

So beautifull!!! Love it!!

Padparadscha said...

I love the way you work with colour, and the feeling of space there is in your pages. Congratulations for these beauties !

Did you do any other BJP pages ? I couldn't find them...