Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank-you Birthday Bead Buddy!!!!

Sorry this is sideways, I thought I had rotated it, but it didn't show up that way now. This is my cat Sherri. She sleeps anywhere! This shelf is our homework shelf, where we keep homework papers and find books and such that are important. I think it's funny that she curls up there, it's plastic and her little paw kept slipping, she'd pull it up and then it would slip again. How can a cat sleep when her paw is moving like that!

I want to say thank-you so much!!! What a great gift! I think the little packages are 15 delica's and hex's! This is amazing!!! She also sent me some gorgeous triangles, which are some of my favourite beads!! The faces are wonderful and I needed some needles, so that was awesome, along with the thread!
There is also an absolutely wonderful, adorable fairy girl. The camera battery ran out so I don't have a picture. She is gorgeous and she is on my mantle right now.
My suprize birthday bead buddy said that she reads my blog so I want her to know, that I couldn't read her signature and don't know who she is.
Here is a great big thank-you for a wonderful beady day!!!!!
As usual, feel free to click on the picture for a bigger version!
cheers, Denise


GraceBeading said...

Hey Denise... nice haul on the birthday goodies - great selection! I haven't seen the tiny delica's in person yet, but I bet they are yummy.

Hope your next year is the best ever!

Timaree said...

Well happy birthday! What a fun bunch of stuff to play with! Size 15 delicas? Are they the size of Japanese 15's or of Czech 15's? or neither? Have fun trying them out.