Friday, September 05, 2008

What's wrong with the word "Artist"

Hi Everyone,
Here are a few things that have been on my mind.

The other day I was watching Ellen and she had Usher as a guest. I guess they are good friends. Anyway, she asked him to draw a picture of his new baby. He took the pen and paper and then commented that he would try but he wasn't much of an artist!
Usher? Not an artist? The man dances, and sings and writes music and choreographes but for some reason, he doesn't think of himself as an artist!
What is wrong with this word? It amazes me how often I hear or read this from people. Artistic ability isn't just about being able to draw, it's about being creative on all kinds of different levels!
After he drew the picture, Usher got up to dance. That man can sure dance! What an amazing artist!!!!

On another note.

I would like to apologize to another artist and blogger. I recieved some comments under her name and thought that she had made them. They were comments that said that she thought my work wasn't beautiful. This was strange and I jumped to the wrong conclusions. Apparently this was actually SPAM!!!! I had no idea that it came in this form! I would like to sincerely apologize to cramzy for jumping to the wrong conclusion. If you ever recieve comments that seem strange or unusual, then perhaps it's spam. I had no idea.

And, if you were thinking that my pictures seemed a little blue, it turns out that one of the members of my family was fooling around with the camera and changed a lighting setting and everything is a little blue. Things look better now and upcoming pictures won't have the blue look.

Okay, this picture. I try really hard not to use grocery bags and to bring my own. I've done it for years, long before the big push. But one thing that niggled me was that I always use the plastic bags for fruits and veggies. Then I was sent a video about plastic and it's affect on the environment and animals and I finally acted. I made this smaller bags specifically for fruits and veggies. They may indeed weigh more than the plastic ones, but I feel a heck of a lot better for using them! I want to stamp veggies and fruits on them, but I'll do that with the girls.
Cheers, Denise


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Jackie said...

Oh Carol McFee had the same comments. Do you know her? Maybe I should put you in touch.

The Lone Beader® said...

Haha! Usher is a performing artist! But he probably only associates the word artist with creating something with your hands, like drawing painting or sculpting.

Ellen said...

Denise, it sounds like you need to add the word verification tab to your comments page, that should weed the boogers out..

beadbabe49 said...

It's sure amazing to me how many people seem to think that you have to draw to be an "artist"! Plus, anyone can be taught to draw, it's a technique like any other, but learning to "see" requires attention from the student and that's often the difficult part.

Denise said...

It took me a long time to think of myself as an artist because I didn't draw. Then,when I finally think of myself as an artist, I read Eckhart Tolle who says that we shouldn't label ourselves, because we are more than labels!
Jackie, I'd love to read Carol McFee's comments
Hey LB, I think you are right, and artist is artist! We just need to broaden that definition!
Beadbabe - I'm trying slowly and when I have allowed myself some time to draw, or at least doodle in a nice way!
Thanks Ellen, but that word verification drives me nuts, so I just moderate the comments instead!
Thanks all!