Monday, February 06, 2006

Busy Beading Weekend

I had a great time beading on the weekend. I was at Michaels on Saturday afternoon with the other instructors, all of us were demonstrating out work. I was working on a summer doll that is for a swap. It's a great work in progress, but looks more like spring than summer. I worked on her again on Sunday when my beaded art doll group met at the local quilt shop. What a wonderful talented group of women and most of them are more than half way through their dolls, with a couple of them actually finished. I've been teaching them how to make the dolls but this time around I actually worked on my doll, and only helped out a bit. Next month they want to make needle cases, they've been admiring mine, so I'm getting out the projects for needle cases so I'll be boned up and ready to go! We're going to start an beaded atc swap too! We have so much fun together and make it a priority to meet once a month to bead!
Now back to my paper - which I've managed to procrastinate on for way too long!!
Cheers, Denise

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