Friday, February 17, 2006

Starting Mandella's

My friend and I are starting mandella's. I'm going to be beading it, all though I'm thinking of adding embroidery stitches with floss too. I dyed the material with purple and blue and traced the outline on it. I'll take a scan of it to show you before I start beading it. I also finished the summer goddess but I have to send it out so I won't be putting a picture up until the woman receives it. It looks more like a spring goddess than a summer one.
I worked on some great atc's yesterday. They are to cheer up some friends and I played with utee. That stuff is so cool! I've only got the one colour but I'm interested in more now! I'll scan those in too! Look for a post with pictures coming soon to this blog!!
Cheers, Denise

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