Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I've got a few teaching times coming up! One is this Saturday at quilt Pleasures and I'm teaching advanced bead embroidery. I'm looking forward to this because it expands the basic stitches. I just went shopping to choose the beads for the kits and I'm very excited!
I'll be teaching at Michaels this month too. I've got two basic bead embroidery classes there, one during the week and one in the evening! This is what you need to embellish and to play with bead embroidery. It's a great class too, full of lots of information.
I'm going to be teaching my beaded cuff at Dragon's Lair Beads! They have my bracelet on display in their showcase. It's taking bead embroidery and creating a stunning piece of jewelry!
I really love teaching! It's so much fun to teach others and have them teach you with their questions and the things they try. Stay tuned for more teaching events and when I can figure out how to add this as a column on the side of the blog, they will be updated regularly!
Cheers, D

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Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

I'm glad you like teaching! I've taught only little kids--but not about beading. I've done some one-on-one classes for adults. I admire anyone who enjoys it.