Thursday, February 02, 2006

Figured Out How To Add Links

I want to thank Carol aka Mamarox for helping me figure out how add links to the sidebar. It took a bit of fanagling but I did it! Now I have a better appreciation for those of you bloggers who have a great links section! I would like to continue to build mine, I'll be doing that over the next little while, there are some great creative people out there and some amazing creative spaces on the web.
I paid the price for being sick and getting my pages out late but I didn't want to disappoint the other people who participated in the book. I"m really looking forward to recieving it - a big, fat, chubby book at 50 pages!!!!
I'm almost finished my sample for Micheals, just adding a running stitch of beads on ribbon for the edges, it looks good and I'll be sure to scan it before I take it to the store.

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