Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fish Tank Art Quilt

Isn't it great! There was a challenge at my local quilt shop to quilt with this cool lava material. I didn't make this! When I saw it, I decided that I really wanted to bead it! So the owners got in touch with the maker of the fish tank and her and I got together and discussed me beading it. She thought it was a great idea and now I'm off! I've started the seaweed and I'll post as I go along. We want to enter it in the local quilt show in May. It's fun to bead and I've got some good ideas for it. I love the lava material too. The quilter thought the challenge was cool too. Of course the fact that I had a huge fish tank for years probably has a lot to do with me loving this piece!
Progress pictures to come!
Cheers, D

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