Monday, March 27, 2006

works in progress!

This sampler is almost completely done. I knew that I wanted to do more, that it wasn't quite done. I consulted a friend of mine who has a great eye for colour and balance etc and she suggested where I should make the changes. I've got to get it finished and over to the quilt shop because they are missing their samplers! I'll be curious to see what you all think of the changes and where they are made. It's amazing what it will actually take to achieve balance on this piece. The darling little girl holding the sampler is my youngest, Emerald. She is almost 7.

This next piece is really not scanning well Light penetrates through this piece but you can't see that with a scan.. I used the new technique in Quilting Arts and this is created by ribbons and lace etc sandwiched between layers of organza. It was really fun to make and has lots of depth. I've started beading it and will add a lot more beads before it's finished. I like looking at works in progress because it's fun to see how things come together, so I'm sending this out very unfinished with the promise for you to look at it again.
I want to do this technique again and make leaves. I love the idea of sewing the leaves on just at the tips and letting the leaves flutter. Oh the ideas!!!
Thanks! Denise

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