Thursday, March 09, 2006

How many projects can a person have going at once?

I must have at least half a dozen projects on the go and wait, okay, I'll be honest - even more than that! And, I want to start another one! See the link that I put up? It's to an amazing bead artist whose work I've admired for a while and on one of the forums I visit, the women can't stop talking about the workshop that they did with Thom Atkins. I can't get his link working right now though. I'll try later or try clicking on the title to see if it comes up. The retreat was in Vegas! Oh I wish I could have been there! So the women are talking about the techniques and the thrills they are getting and my mind is raising and my fingers are itching to play!
I've also got two more no wait, three chubby books to do, two atc swaps, a fabric postcard swap, a quilted fishtank to bead, my hand to finish, a couple of dolls I just can't bear to list them all!!! Someone might actually say something about my mental state!!!
But I love it and I love to play and expand with these challenges. I haven't signed up for anything else, does that help? I think so!
The weather is freezing rain and my children who rarely get a snow day because they are close enough to walk to school actually stayed home with me today. I ran out early and got the new Harry Potter movie and all our favourite potato chips. We curled up in our favourite blankets and pillows and tucked in for a good movie! It feels wonderfully decandent! They promised they would all get along and they are!!!
Have a good day,

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abeadlady said...

Denise, You can only be called strange if as a beader you are all caught up with your projects. If you are like me, it's never going to happen.