Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I got bitten!

By the crazy quilt bug. So when someone on one of the forums I belong to shared a link to a crazy quilt doll, I had to do it. Now the one that she shared with us didn't have any arms or legs and while I can live with no legs - it looks like a skirt, I have a hard time with that armless thing. Just a personal preference. So here she is in all her glory. Not beaded yet but that is next. I am so totally thrilled with her! It was sure cool to make her and where you may see something that looks not quite right, that's because it isn't and I can bead there and no one will see anything they aren't supposed to see.

And while we are at it - I'm including the finished beaded crazy quilt needle case. I had actually finished it but I posted the before picture because that's all I had. I took a picture of the finished needle case when I took a picture of the doll. So here it is. Good to have things to practice on eh?

Cheers, Denise

1 comment:

Mieke said...

wow,so nice!!
Where did you buy that lovely fabric???